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House extensions in Cheshire, Nantwich and Macclesfield


You may not need to create extra space; the space may already exist in your home. It's how you put that space to use that counts. If you are planning a loft, barn, garage or basement conversion, we can ensure that you go about it in exactly the right way - one that is energy-efficient, practical and in keeping with your preferences and personal tastes.

The service:

•  Initial consultation to establish the direction you wish to take

•  Full working knowledge of building regulations, and plans that adhere to any current legislation

•  Designs that work within your budget to create a space that meets your needs to the letter

•  Good lines of communication with builders, local authorities and other tradespeople and consultancy firms

Make your house extension one to be proud of, not regret. Call 01270 368 217

We cover Cheshire, Nantwich and Macclesfield.

An increasingly popular alternative to moving outright, house extensions can be the ideal means of creating a more luxurious, efficient and aesthetically pleasing space in your home - but only if they are done right.


Wading in without the correct amount of forethought can prove costly and disastrous, not least due to the amount of red tape that can often surround making alterations to your property. Cartwright Architectural & Planning Services provides pro-active, proficient guidance - in Cheshire, Nantwich and Macclesfield .

woman seated at patio table outsidea conservatory loft conversion to bedroom modern kitchen in white with black worktops and downlights