Providing a complete Architecural and Planning Service in Whixall and all the surrounding areas.

Cartwright Architectural and Planning work throughout Whixall, Shropshire and Cheshire. Offering services from basic conceptual sketch concepts, through to detailed design and construction. We offer our services to residential properties and small-scale commercial properties. We specialise in a range of property adaptions including but not limited to:

Regardless of the size and scope of the project, the whole process is considerately managed by Cartwright Architectural & Planning Services.

Our friendly, adaptable team offer a full design and build service, where desired, and we pride ourselves as one of the most desired architectural firms in Whixall, and the surrounding areas.


Our intention is to help homeowners create a home for everyday living by preparing sketch plans for discussion based on your needs and expectations.

We establish what your requirements are for the design of the area and the use you wish to put it to. We also take into consideration your budget figure for the cost of the improvements and a time scale to carry out these alterations.

We will contact all Local Authority Departments involved to obtain all necessary approvals to enable completion of your project. Our proposals will be based on your requirements, the allowable requirements set by the restrictions dictated by the Planning and Building Regulations Acts and the budget cost previously agreed.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! We are here to answer your questions and can offer fresh ideas to make the most of your property. Call us on 01948 880 123 OR 07917 672 498 alternatively, you can email us at


Cartwright Architectural & Planning Services have many years of experience in both the domestic and commercial sectors to produce bespoke solutions to your design requirements.

Whether you desire extra space for your home or business, such as, an extension, basement or loft conversion, a new build, or a complete remodeling.

The team at Cartwright Architectural & Planning Services have the experience, ability and style to bring a tailored design concept to completion. We offer an experienced skill set, a professional attitude and an outstanding level of client service.

Our architectural services include:


Obtaining planning permission is essential if you wish to go ahead successfully with your project. Doing so will not be easy if you do not have clear drawings in support of your project, detailing all materials to be used, and demonstrating you understand environmental, structural and legislative concerns. We help you to tick all the boxes in these areas with our proficient service.

The Technical Drawings will be there to prove compliance with Building Regulations, Planning Permission and legal requirements where necessary. They will be used by other consultants to produce additional information such as thermal calculations and identify the need for steel work calculations to support the structure where necessary. We can provide drawings for Landlords, who need the layout of their houses in multiple occupation on paper, indicating which rooms form each tenancy.

All drawing are produced by a computer aided design software package which enables drawings to be printed in PDF format and issued over the internet to each client or sent to builders almost immediately on completion.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01948 880 123 OR 07917 672 498. You can also send us an email on


Whether you are looking to build your own eco-friendly home, refurbish your existing sustainable property, or you just want to reduce your energy bills. Cartwright Architectural and Planning Services can help you find an appropriate solution.  

Sustainable living in Whixall, the benefits are countless for you and the environment. It can help you save energy, by using smart technology to stay on top of your usage and upgrade to more sustainable products to become more efficient. The more energy you save, the lower your carbon impact. With the UK committing to carbon neutrality by 2050, it’s a great way to join the fight against climate change.

The Government policy regarding sustainable homes has been to set up as an environmental assessment method of rating the performance of new homes. Now in conjunction with the Building Regulations, housing standards can be constructed to ensure the performance of energy-efficient dwellings. Our team have built up an in-depth knowledge of low energy housing and sustainable architecture.